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Social Media Management for the Type-As, the Not-So-Creatives, or the Just-Don’t-Want-To-Do-It Online Service Providers

If you’re ready to start showing up consistently online, build more personal connections, and book more clients through social media, without having to do all—or any—of it yourself…

Welcome to Megan Phillips Co


In 2023, having a strong social media presence as an online biz owner is as important as a soccer mom having a minivan.

(Sure, you can get to where you want to go without it, it will just be far more of a pain in the butt to get there.)

But between the planning, the designing, the caption writing, and the content scheduling, I’m willing to bet you find yourself pushing “create content for Instagram” further and further down your to-do list. If you’re feeling like social media’s the last thing you ever want to do, despite how important you know it is for reaching new audiences, building an engaged community, and connecting with potential clients…


Pull up a seat at this table and get cozy. Whether you’re looking for a quick Instagram audit, a thorough and strategic plan of attack, or are wanting to turn over complete control of your social media, I’m here to help.

“Megan is incredible! I have confidence in the posts she writes and her strategic plan for my account. It’s such a luxury to have someone who understands and appreciates what I actually do manage my social media. She has allowed me to focus all my time and energy on the work I love.”

- Erin T, Online Business Manager

Hi, I'm Megan-- 

Your Neighborhood Mom of Three Turned Social Media Manager

I’ve been around the block enough times to know that for so many online service providers, who don’t consider themselves to be the creative type, content creation usually ends up going like this…


You sit down to plan out your content only to realize that once your content planning is done, you still have to hop on Canva to find the perfect templates, and then you have to create the graphics, and then you have to write the captions, and then you have to schedule the dang posts. As you think about the long list of to-dos that goes into each and every post, you can’t help but wonder if it’s worth it to pour all of that time into your social media anyway.


So you tell yourself you’ll have more time next week. But when next week rolls around, the same thing happens all over again. 


And that’s where I swoop in, with my social media know-how, my eye for design, and my passion for creating content that represents the authentic you, so your social media becomes a beloved part of your marketing strategy without you having to spend your time on it.

Here's How I Can Help Your Business


Social Media Management


Grid curation, hashtag sets, reels and feed posts, scheduling—you name it. With this package, you’ll never have to think about your social media again.


Instagram Refresh VIP Week



With an Instagram audit, on-brand templates, and a custom social media strategy, you’ll have a plan of action to crush your social media goals all on your own. 


Instagram Audit


A set of expert eyes on your profile, help with content pillars, competitor analysis, and so much more. After this audit, you’ll feel confident about showing up on IG. 

Raving Reviews From My Clients

Project Type: Social Media Management

"Megan is AMAZING!"

“I love working with her and she does such great work. She is extremely detail-oriented and gets me and my service so well. Megan does her research and makes the process of getting your social media out there so easy. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs social media support."

-Lorrie R, Launch Specialist

You deserve to promote yourself to CEO and outsource all the things you loathe doing, especially social media content creation, scheduling posts, and keeping up with that dang algorithm.

Ready to stop worrying about Instagram, for good?

Hey you-- yeah you,

I know you struggle when it comes to creating content and get stuck because you don't know what to say, or how to get started.

If you're sick of staring at a blank page and are ready to create content with ease, this freebie, 34 Captivating Hooks to take Your Content from Crickets to Conversions is for you!

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