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In the near future, I see someone who has outsourced their social media management, is inspired—rather than dreading—the idea of showing up online, and has more time to do whatever the heck they want to.

Ready to make that prediction about you?

Fill out the contact form👇to share a little bit about your biz and the services you’re eyeballing, and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can!

I’m Megan—
A Mompreneur Who’s All About Helping Service Providers Grow Their Biz Through Social Media

Blending my Type A tendencies (there’s nothing I love more than an organized system—seriously, I use ClickUp for everything!) with my Type B intuition and creativity, I love supporting biz owners, just like you, with showing up online consistently. But more importantly, helping you create a strategic approach that feels good to you and is tailor-made to support you in reaching your specific business goals. 


When I’m not helping biz owners crush it online, you can catch me laughing hysterically at episodes of Bluey, driving my three chili beans (AKA kiddos) around in our minivan, or reading The Duckling Gets a Cookie for the 1,456th time (for all of you non-parents, yes…that is a real book).


How will you make my social media content sound like me?

This is a question so many of my clients ask! And it makes perfect sense because it’s your social media presence, of course, you want it to come across as authentically as you do. That’s why part of my role is to climb inside your brain to the best of my ability—which I do through digging into your in-depth questionnaire, getting to know you in our meetings, and checking out any social content you post and have posted in the past. 

And if anything I create for you doesn’t sound quite right, you’ll always have the chance to suggest revisions before anything goes live. 

What’s needed from me throughout the social media management process?

Throughout the social media management process, I’ll need a few different things from ya!  When we start, I’ll ask for all of your branding assets such as branding, photos, and video content.

We’ll also have a monthly call to go over the prior month’s analytics report, talk through any biz (or life!) updates, and chat about any ideas you have for your social media content. I’ll also be sending over all of the content I create and our plan for the month for you to approve. To sum it up, what’s needed from you is all of your brand assets, your timely feedback, and your attendance at monthly meetings!


How long does it take to see results from monthly social media management? 

My clients usually see increased results within the first month of working together. However, consistent long-term measurable growth doesn’t happen overnight and that’s why my social media management services are a 3-month minimum commitment. With that said, not only will I be tracking what is working each and every month, but we will make any tweaks needed to ensure that you’re reaching your goals!

Will I go viral?

Most likely, no (womp womp). Instead of fast and viral growth, we’ll be focusing on long-term strategies that will help you increase brand awareness and build personal connections with the right people. So while I can’t promise massive growth—nor should you expect that—you should know that you don’t need a big audience to be successful! With consistent and strategic posting, you’ll be building an audience that’s mighty powerful no matter how small it is. 


Will I be able to post on my account if you’re my social media manager?

I do curate your grid which means I’ll be planning out which topics we want to cover and what the design for each post will look like ahead of time. However, your input is a big part of the planning process and your collaboration is always welcome! For any spur-of-the-moment stuff you want to share, I’ll recommend posting on your Stories because that’s the perfect place to share that kind of content!

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