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3 things to fix in your Instagram bio now to start attracting ideal clients in the future

Do you want to attract dream clients on Instagram?

The average person's attention span on Instagram is 8 seconds. And honestly, I'd argue that if you don't catch their immediate attention, it's even less. So, how do you get your ideal clients to pay attention to you? The name of the game is optimizing your Instagram bio.

As always, I like to preface that overnight success does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of marketing and strategizing to become fully booked in this online space, but with consistency and the ability to shift with (not against) industry changes, you can set yourself up for success.

Let's tackle three things to fix in your Instagram bio now to START attracting IDEAL CLIENTS in the future.

mistakes on instagram

1. Add industry keywords into your name field-

  • Industry Keywords Matter- The goal is to be searchable for NEW people. And people who are looking for your type of service will type that into the Instagram search field. Making this easy change allows your profile to be visible to strangers.

  • The Missed Opportunity- So many people do not utilize this searchable field!! The only people who will search you by your business name are people who already know who you are. You are missing out on the opportunity to expand your reach. Less exposure = less chance of leads.

  • Set Yourself Apart- Making these changes not only makes it easier for you to be found by potential dream clients, but it also sets you apart. It tells people exactly WHO you are and WHO you help.

You only have 150 characters, so use your space wisely.

2. Optimize the Copy in Your Bio-

  • Why 'I Help' Statements Fall Flat- "I help" statements are more common than tacos on Tuesday. Sure, these words will communicate what you want your dream clients to know, but they won't help you stand out.

  • Crafting a Personality-Packed Bio- When it comes to your Instagram bio, every character counts. Instead of resorting to the 'I help' formula we just talked about, showcase your personality. YOU are your brand. Think of your bio as a mini elevator pitch – short & to the point. Use vivid language and descriptive phrases to convey what sets you apart from the competition.

  • How to Say What You Do, How You Do It, and Who You Serve- Start by stating what you do in clear and concise terms. Then, describe your unique approach (what sets you apart from others in your field). Finally, identify your target audience – who stands to benefit most from your services or products.

  • Adding a Fun Call to Action (CTA)- This is your chance to encourage followers to visit your website, join your email list, or simply engage with your content. But ditch the generic 'Inquire here' or 'Work with me' CTAs for something more creative and attention-grabbing.

3. Use Highlights strategically-

  • Why Less is More- When it comes to highlights, less is definitely more. By trimming down your highlights to a manageable number, you make it easier for your audience to navigate your content and engage with what matters most.

  • Implement Strategic Highlight Categories- As a service provider, think of your Instagram highlights as a window display in a store. The goal here is to grab your ideal client's attention quickly. You should strategically select highlights that can leverage your business & give potential clients a quick glance at who you are and what your biz is all about. Here are a few options:

    • About: Introduce yourself and your brand, giving followers a glimpse into the person behind the business. (Remember, YOU are what sets your biz apart from the rest.)

    • Services: Highlight your services, making it easy for potential clients to understand what you can do for them.

    • Client Wins: Celebrate your successes and showcase client testimonials or case studies, demonstrating the value you provide.

    • Features: Highlight any podcast appearances, blog features, or speaking engagements you've been part of, establishing credibility and authority in your niche.

    • FAQs: Answer frequently asked questions about your services, alleviating any doubts or concerns potential dream clients may have.

    • Personal: Share glimpses of your personal life or interests, allowing followers to connect with the human behind the brand on a deeper level.

Is your Instagram bio in SOS status, and you need more help than 3 quick lil tips?

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