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If your plate was any fuller, you’d be at a Mexican restaurant with an all-you-can-eat taco bar—loading up on every delicious thing in sight. 

Between managing your team, keeping up with client work, and staying on top of things at home—posting on social media is as important as taking that box of ready-to-donate goods to the thrift store, that’s been sitting in your garage since last spring. 

In other words? It’s not exactly your top priority. 

You’ve heard all the online chatter about showing up consistently, but if you’re being honest—and honesty is always encouraged here—spending 3-5 hours creating social media content weekly doesn’t seem worth your time. So you skip posting (or showing up on social media at all) more often than not. 

Which is totally fine when you’re booked out and busy, but then a slow season rolls around and you get a little panicky. And instead of having an engaged audience of warm leads, you’ve got to start the engine up all over again. 

While social media is a ridiculously helpful tool that—when done strategically—will help you reach people all over the world, increase your brand awareness, and put more money in your pocket…

You don’t have to do it on your own. In fact, you don’t have to be the one to do it at all. 


Consider this your permission slip to take your social media manager hat and chuck it in the garbage. 

No more...

⤍ Trying to keep up with the ever-changing algorithm

⤍ Staring at a blank doc trying to come up with ideas for posting about you and your biz

⤍ Guessing about which kinds of posts will help you bring in more leads

⤍ Spending hours in Canva designing graphics

⤍ Going back and forth on whether your content is good enough 

⤍ Debating about which hashtags to use (or if you should use them at all)

⤍ Remembering to actually post the content you create

When we work together, your social media will spark conversations, build personal connections, and bring in new leads—without you needing to do all of the strategizing, planning, and posting on your own.

Who knows, social media might become (dare I say it?) fun again.

"You're so great at making what I do sound interesting and enticing to someone. I struggled a lot with that because I know the importance of it but I'm not so good at explaining that, and you're also amazing at infusing my personality and interests into things too!"

- Alexis F, Online Business Manager

Monthly support for established biz owners who are ready to hand over their social and never think about it again.

Each and every month, I’ll look over your account analytics, comb through our monthly meeting notes, and gather any ideas you’ve shared with me to create content and write captions that sound and feel like you. After everything has been approved by you, I’ll schedule your content so your social media can start attracting your ideal audience, build new relationships, and help your biz grow faster than summer grass. 


clicky click

⤍ You’re an established business with a marketing budget 

⤍ You’ve already invested in brand assets (fonts, colors, & logos) & professional photos 

⤍ You want ongoing monthly support to help grow your biz & create consistent brand awareness


A one-time project for the entrepreneur who loves creating their own content but needs a little help with the strategy behind it all. 

We’ll start our time together with a 1-hour call to dive into your questionnaire and discuss your goals. After I have everything I need, I’ll work my way through your audit, create your IG strategy, and tell you exactly what to do. You’ll get all of your IG info and goods, ask any final questions on our wrap-up call—and then you’ll be off to the races to run your Instagram, armed with a plan!

This project has a 2-week turnaround time.

get the scoop

⤍ You’re a newer business owner who’s feeling slightly overwhelmed trying to figure out

    social media by yourself

⤍ You’d love a clear plan so you never have to guess about strategy or start from zero


An in-depth Instagram account audit for those who are newer to IG and want to pick an expert’s brain, so they know how to get things up and running.

After you’ve filled out your questionnaire and paid for your audit, I’ll get started on looking at everything you’ve got happening on the ‘Gram. Within two weeks of booking, I’ll send over your audit information so you can get busy sprucing up your IG presence and feel good about what to post moving forward. 


grab the deets

⤍ You’re brand new to the online business world & are feeling a little overwhelmed by Instagram 

⤍ You’d love to get a second set of eyes on your account as well as some actionable advice


Whether You’re an Online Business Manager, a Client Experience Specialist, or any other Service Provider…
You’ll get giddy about this when we work together:

😀 Never worrying about what the heck to post, how to write compelling captions, which hashtags to use, or how to create on-brand and beautiful graphics

😀Having a strategy that balances entertainment with promotion so you can hit the goals you want, whether that’s an engaged audience or more inquiries
😀Showing up consistently on social media with content that feels and sounds like you, helping you build new relationships without taking up all of your time 

😀 Skipping all the guesswork (and guilt about not posting!) because you’ve got a social media manager and strategist on your team who’s gonna handle everything for you

Clients' Instagram Grids in Action

'Before' & 'After' Working With Megan Phillips Co.

Raving Reviews From My Clients

Project Type: Social Media Management

“Megan is incredible! I have confidence in the posts she writes and her strategic plan for my account."

"It’s such a luxury to have someone who understands and appreciates what I actually do manage my social media. She has allowed me to focus all my time and energy on the work I love.”

-Erin T, Online Business Manager


You don’t need to have a huge following to sell through social media.

But you do need content that’s engaging, shows off your expertise, and helps people see just how loveable you are so that they want to shout your name from the rooftops. 


And that just happens to be my specialty. 


Whether you want to learn the strategy behind creating content that converts so you can implement everything on your own, or you’re ready to hand it all over to me, I’m here to turn your social media from a dreaded task into one of your favorite marketing tools. 

Shall we get this show on the road or what?
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