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Social Media SOS: How to Stop Overthinking and Start Posting with Confidence

🌟 Have you ever not posted on social media because sitting down to plan posts stresses you out? I'm guessing yes? If so, you aren't alone. Believe me- this is one of the biggest stressors my clients have before working with me. Good news? We can tackle this together and minimize the struggle. I'll teach you how to post with confidence and consistency in this quick guide.

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Actionable Tips For The Stressed-Out Business Owner

  • Embrace Imperfection: Add more authenticity to your posts. The best part of your brand is YOU. It's ok not to be perfect & believe it or not, it makes you more relatable to your audience

  • Simplify Your Content Creation Process: Keep it simple! Learn to create a streamlined process for content creation that fosters creativity without complexity. For example, if you're more comfortable recording video of yourself talking, do that. Then, break that video down into several Reels that you can post to your stories, and then multiple carousel posts. It's all about working smarter, not harder.

  • The Power of Planning: Plan ahead and batch your content creation to save time and reduce the daily pressure of feeling like you have to be 'ON' and posting. Spending just a few hours at once to knock everything out will save you so much stress and time throughout your busy weeks. Just think about how good it'll feel to have content done for a few weeks, or even an entire month 🤯.

Stop with the Comparison Game- Seriously, comparison is the killer of all joy. 

Your business is unique, so you should only be comparing your business to where it was yesterday, or six months ago - not to Susie next door who seems to 'do it all,' so well. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress by embracing your individuality and shutting down the comparison. I know this is easier said than done, though. Here's a tangible tip: hide or block accounts that are triggering for you.  There is nothing wrong with utilizing the unfollow or block button. And I promise, they'll most likely never even realize. This is more of a proactive instead of a reactive approach and before you know it, you'll be staying in your lane without a comparison thought in the world.

Strategies for Consistent Confidence

Find a Schedule That Works For You: Establish a consistent posting schedule aligned with your actual life and workflow - not just what the internet tells you is a good posting schedule. If you go from not posting in 6 months to trying to post every day, it's not realistic to think that you'll be able to keep up with that schedule. Instead, I would suggest starting small, and then once you gain confidence through regular, planned content sharing, add more posts into your weekly posting schedule.

Utilize a Scheduler Tool: Another way to keep up with posting consistently is to schedule your posts out, ahead of time. There are a lot of options and most of them are free. Here are my thoughts on a few:

  • Meta Business Suite- Pro: This is a free option that allows you to post to both Instagram & Facebook simultaneously. Con: I used to use Business Suite for my own account and my clients, until Jan 2023 when I switched to Metricool because I was experiencing too many 'bugs' and issues with posts not publishing like they should.

  • Metricool- Pro: You can post ALL THE platforms- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. And their analytics reports are VERY in-depth Con: The free version is limited, but if you're only using it for your own account, you get more than you need with the free account.

  • Native scheduler within Instagram- Pro: Most accounts on Instagram now have the option to schedule posts right there, inside the app. Con: Not every account has this feature yet and it only allows you to post to Instagram.

Balancing Quality and Quantity: It's not just about quantity. Focus on delivering quality content that resonates with your audience for better engagement. Instagram appreciates consistency over quantity- so if you're posting good content that your ideal followers want or need to hear, you don't need to post every single day.

🙌🙌Bonus Tip: Connect with like-minded business owners for a supportive community. Share your journey, uplift others, hold each other accountable, and cheer each other on. 

Let go of overthinking & embrace authenticity. It's not about perfection; it's about connection. Start posting with confidence today!

If you read all of this and thought, nah... this is still stressful, I can help 😉. Whether you need a little direction from an Instagram Audit, want a thorough social media strategy created for you so that you can DIY your own socials, or you want to fully hand it over and never stress about it again, I've got you!!

Click here to learn more about my services.

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