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You're Making 5 Mistakes On Instagram - Here's How To Fix Them

Let’s be clear: you’re on Instagram to get the word out about your business, right? And you don’t want to confuse your audience of business friends and possible potential clients… right? I didn’t think so. I’ve seen these 5 mistakes on Instagram too many times, so let’s talk about what they are and how to fix them!

mistakes on instagram

1. Your profile pic isn’t you

People buy from people. Don’t get me wrong, logos are beautiful (and you probably paid good money for yours!) but your profile picture isn’t the place for it. Use logos in graphics and on your website.

Easy fix: Your profile picture is prime real estate for your beautiful face! Show it off and let people see who the person behind the account is.

2. Your job is unclear

There’s a lot going on on an Instagram account. If your bio doesn’t specifically say what it is that you do and who you serve, people might be confused. You want people to know what you can do for them immediately, so you don’t lose them to that confusion.

Easy fix: Update the Name field in your bio to also include your title. You can also include a short sentence or two about who you work with in your bio.

optimized instagram bio

3. Too many links

We all have posts that lead people to the link in our bio. You want to make sure you’re not overwhelming people when they click on that link and a page with 10 other links shows up. Keeping things simple will help people know what to do and where to go instead of getting overwhelmed and not making any choice at all!

Easy fix: Avoid having too many links to choose from through the link in your bio. Keep it simple with very few options to click on. Also, after you’ve made your job crystal clear, you should have a simple CTA in your bio to direct people to your link.

4. Nothing is cohesive

It is important to have a cohesive look when it comes to your Instagram profile. Since it’s a visual platform, people are more attracted to visually pleasing content, and cohesion helps with that. If you are using different fonts, colors, and design themes, you are going to confuse your followers.

Easy fix: I know not every business owner can afford to get professional branding, especially in the beginning. If you aren’t ready for professional branding, you can DIY your own color palette and fonts to stick to when creating content. This will help create a cohesive feeling throughout your account.

5. You aren’t posting

I totally understand that life is busy and social media can’t always be a top priority, but if your account doesn’t look active, you’re not putting out the right message! If your last post was 9 months to a year ago, you may confuse your followers and potential clients.

Easy fix: If you don’t have the time or energy to post consistently, a great alternative is creating a strategic 9-Grid. A 9-Grid acts more like a sales page and signals to your followers that you’re only active on stories. This way, they know that even though you’re not consistently posting to your feed, you are alive and well and your business is thriving.

If you want some help learning more about what a 9-Grid is or putting one together, let’s chat. I have helped create strategy based 9-Grids for clients who love the results!

mistakes on instagram

Making sure you’re not making any of these mistakes on Instagram doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful. Start with the easy fixes, and you’re on the right track to a thriving Instagram account!

If you want to get the ball rolling right now with a simple first step, check out my Instagram Highlight Cover freebie. It’s a free download that will kick your Instagram profile up a notch without having to worry about how to create them yourself!

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