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Should You Outsource to a Social Media Manager or a Virtual Assistant?

Before you read this blog post, please know that there is nothing wrong with hiring a VA (virtual assistant). If you already have a social media strategy in place & enjoy creating your own content, hiring a virtual assistant to support you is a great option for you.


(did you know there was a but coming?)

They're not the same thing as a social media manager.

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A Social Media Manager Does it All From Start to Finish

When you outsource your social media to a social media manager, they're responsible for creating your social media strategy & executing it, writing all the captions, creating all the graphics, doing market research, keeping up with trends, researching hashtags, posting your content, and tracking analytics.

A Virtual Assistant Helps With a Piece Of the Puzzle

A VA is amazing at taking the ideas the business owner gave them and running with it. Meaning, you, the business owner still have to come up with your own strategy. Although something is better than nothing, it's not equivalent.

When the VA creates content without being involved in the overall strategy, there might be a disconnect. And the stress surrounding social media still falls on the business owner.

Social Media Managers Steer the Ship

When you outsource to a social media manager, they're taking anything and everything involving social off of your plate. They handle everything from start to finish. They'll use their expertise to MANAGE all of your social tasks, based on industry and social media standards, not just check the task off of their to-do list based on what you as the business owner suggest.

How Do You Know Which One is Right For You?

If you've been using a VA for your social media for some time and aren't getting the results you want, it might be because you actually need a social media manager 😉.

If you think we'd be a good fit, let’s chat.

mistakes on instagram

If you're not quite ready to outsource to a social media manager and are using a VA or doing it all yourself, I'd love to gift you this freebie to help you create content that converts.

'34 Social Media Hooks for Operational Service Providers' will help you write hooks that pull in your ideal clients with ease.

If you've downloaded freebies in the past and were immediately let down because they were very generic, don't worry, this will be nothing like that.

The social media struggle is real. Click here to get off the content creation struggle bus.

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