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6 Signs You're Ready To Hire A Social Media Manager

Are you an online service provider and you’re wondering if you’ve reached the point where you should outsource your social media? Hiring a social media manager can be a big decision, so let’s break down a few ways you can know if you’re ready to take the leap.

hiring a social media manager

1. You have solidified branding in place.

Having a nailed down branding strategy, fonts, colors, and visual identity is key for working with a social media manager. Branding strategy is the foundation that a great marketing strategy can be built on. Without that solid foundation, it is hard to establish a marketing strategy that will actually get the results you’re looking for. So with that figured out, I can create a social media strategy that stands out from the crowd and actually attracts your ideal client!

2. You’re clear on your offer.

With a clear offer, we’re able to post strategically on Instagram. With a services page on your website with an inquiry form, a service guide opt-in form, or a discovery call scheduling link, people will not only know what you do, but how they can get that ball rolling. If you don’t have a clear way for people to work with you, posting more on social media won’t do you any good.

3. You’re ready to let an expert take the reins.

A big thing to be sure of when you’re thinking about outsourcing is whether or not you can handle giving up that control. If you’re not ready to let go of control and allow an expert to take the lead, you’re not ready to outsource your socials.

Don’t worry, though, our custom process is very collaborative! We always get approval from our clients before posting anything on their behalf. You can rest assured knowing that we stay on top of the ever-changing algorithm and best practices, and, of course, always have your business’s best interest in mind.

4. You have a marketing budget.

Make sure outsourcing is in your budget! Good quality help costs money, so you need to make sure you’re making enough money to justify the cost of a social media manager.

5. You understand the value of social media marketing.

Going into a working relationship with a social media manager, it’s important to understand the time, energy, and expertise it takes to create a social media strategy that works. Mutual respect is key when you invite someone into your business!

6. You understand that social media marketing is a long game strategy.

It is important that you have no false expectations that you’ll go viral. Instead, you realize that followers don’t equal success or money in your bank account. If you can go into hiring a social media manager with the expectation that you’ll be reaching ideal clients, speaking directly to them, and building off of that, you’re ready to outsource.

social media manager

Hiring a social media manager can do so much for you. You will get time back to put into your business or personal life and it will give you confidence that you’re showing up online for your dream clients to find you. It’s so important to make sure you are ready for outsourcing before you take that step.

If you read those 6 points and thought, “I’m ready,” reach out! I’d love to help you take your Instagram from crickets to conversions!

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