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A Fresh Start: Lessons Learned from Losing My Social Media Account

On the morning of Friday, August the 18th, I woke up to a literal nightmare, the kind that only a social media manager can truly understand. As I reached for my phone and opened the Instagram app, I was met with a message that read, "Your account has been disabled." My initial reaction? Utter disbelief. Excuse me, what?!

Yes, you read that right – it's a true story. The person whose job revolves around being on Instagram couldn't log into the platform for the past two weeks. While my personal Instagram account was held hostage, I am relieved to report that my clients' accounts remained safe and untouched during this unexpected digital turmoil (Thank goodness for small mercies 🙏).

Initially, I clung to the hope that Instagram would realize its mistake and restore my account. But, that wasn't meant to be. After numerous deep breaths and diving headfirst into client work to keep myself occupied, I finally made the decision to bid farewell to my old account and embrace a fresh start, starting from square one.

mistakes on instagram

This rollercoaster experience has taught me several valuable lessons that every social media manager, or anyone reliant on digital platforms, should keep in mind:

You Don't Own Your Social Media Profiles: The stark reality is that you don't truly own your social media profiles. They exist at the mercy of the platform providers. At any given moment, your carefully curated digital presence can vanish without a trace. It's a reminder that technology is a fickle friend. It's wise to diversify your online presence, invest in an email list, and explore other platforms to ensure your digital footprint remains stable.

Starting Over is Sometimes Inevitable: Sometimes, starting over is the only option. Regardless of whether you've done anything wrong, technological mishaps can occur. The key is to adapt, rebuild, and continue engaging with your audience. The digital landscape is ever-changing, and resilience is your greatest asset.

The Value of Verification: Consider the benefits of obtaining a verified account. While it may seem like a vanity badge, having a verified account can provide you with some degree of access to customer support and assistance in case of account-related issues. It's worth exploring, especially if your online presence is vital to your business.

To those who have been part of the MPCo community for some time, I'm so thankful for your support, reaching out through email and other social media platforms to ensure I hadn't vanished into the digital abyss or blocked you. Your kindness and concern during this tumultuous period have meant the world to me (and made me chuckle with your witty comments 😘).

mistakes on instagram

Life may throw unexpected curveballs, but with determination, adaptability, and the support of a caring community, we can always start new.

Speaking of starting new, if you're not following my new account yet, I would LOVE to invite you to do so:

Here's to new beginnings. Thank you for continuing to follow along on this ever-evolving journey. 🌟

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