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Debunking Social Media Myths: A Chat with Gina DeFord

In a recent Instagram Live session, Gina DeFord, the founder of Babe Crafted, and I talked in-depth about the myths surrounding social media. We explored topics such as how often you should post on Instagram, the necessity for businesses to be on all platforms, and strategies to stand out in a crowded market.

For those who prefer video content, you can catch the replay, here.

mistakes on instagram

Let's dive in-

Should Your Business Be Present on Every Social Media Platform?

Not necessarily. Your presence should align with your target audience. Understand where your ideal clients or customers predominantly engage. For instance, younger demographics, such as those in their early 20s, may frequent TikTok, while business owners in their 30s to 40s often use Instagram. Choose platforms that resonate with your audience and suit your comfort level. Start with the one you're most familiar with and your ideal audience engages with. Once you're confident and consistent, you can expand to other platforms.

Standing Out in a Crowded Social Media Market

Distinguishing yourself in a competitive market involves showcasing what makes you unique—your brand's personality and values. Share your core values, inject your personality into your content, offer a glimpse into your behind-the-scenes processes, and display aspects of your personal life. This attracts those who resonate with you and helps filter out those who don't align with your brand.

Optimal Posting Frequency

The frequency of your posts should align with your business goals and personal capacity. Tailor your social media strategy to suit these objectives. It's not necessary to post daily; consistent posting a few times a week can yield positive results. The key factor the algorithm favors is consistency over sheer quantity. Quality, strategic content that serves your ideal audience is the primary objective.

Tailor your posting frequency to match your growth goals. If you aspire to substantial growth on platforms like Instagram, be prepared to post more frequently than a standard business owner aiming for steady business growth.

Stress-Free Social Media Posting for Small Business Owners

If the thought of managing social media for your small business stresses you out, here's a simple takeaway: Consistency is Key! Focus on establishing a regular posting schedule aligned with your audience and the platform's algorithm. Once you've got your consistency in place, channel your energy into crafting engaging visuals that represent your brand's desired look and feel.

For additional support and tailored social media services, learn more about my offerings here.

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